Tips for Keeping Your Job

Tips for Keeping Your Job, and Building a Future

  • Remember, those qualities that helped you get the job are those that will help you keep it
  • Reliability is crucial to keeping your job, maintain a good attendance record and if you do need to miss work advise your manager on time
  • Be punctual with your attendance and breaks. If you find this a problem use multiple digital tools to help overcome your difficulty
  • Have a genuine, positive, and professional relationship with your employer and co-workers. This develops mutual support and trust
  • Learn all you can about your current job, the job you would like to advance to, and the company in general
  • Maintain a positive attitude, stay on top of deadlines and keep a clean and organised work station
  • Express willingness to undertake new tasks, receive cross training, or gain additional responsibility. This demonstrates that you are willing to try new tasks and if you are not currently working full time could lead to additional hours
  • Let your supervisor know if you are interested in further training or advancement. If a suitable vacancy comes up, ask to be considered for it
  • If your employer asks you to stay late or pick up an extra shift consider if this is possible and if needed negotiate what is possible with your employer
  • When you accept a position, give it a fair go. Stay with it for at least six to twelve months. During this time you will learn the job, sell yourself to your boss, and establish a good work reference for the future.

How keeping a job can help your ongoing health and wellbeing

  • It will give you a steady income stream that will provide you with financial stability
  • You will avoid the stress of job searching and Workforce Australia will no longer be your boss – you will be in charge
  • You will maintain steady relationships with your co-workers and manager instead of having to constantly rebuild contacts
  • Staying in a job for at least 12 months will look good on your resume if you apply for future positions
  • If you are a school leaver, or have been out of work for a long time, you may find that starting early in the morning and working a full day is quite tiring. This is normal, and you will soon get used to the longer hours

There is no reason why any job should be a dead end job for the right person. The shop assistant may become a store manager, the process worker a supervisor, and the dishwasher may eventually establish their own restaurant. At the very least, a good work record will enable your employer to give you an excellent reference, and will improve your chances of getting a better job with another company.