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Adam And Zeyad Are Building Brighter Futures

Uploaded: 24/08/2023
Adam has found his path to success through the Workforce Australia Transition to Work program. Not only did Adam receive invaluable support from the Status Transition to Work team, but his positive experience inspired his brother, Zeyad, to join as well, marking the beginning of their shared pursuit of a career in Civil Construction.

Adam, referred to us by Centrelink, came to our office with big ambitions. With the guidance of our dedicated Youth Peer Mentors, Tran and Sunday, he outlined his goals, which included studying a Certificate III in Civil Construction, securing part-time employment, completing his driving log book, and even preparing for university.

Recognising the importance of a comprehensive approach, our team immediately began breaking down Adam's goals into manageable steps. We understood that some things needed to happen simultaneously to create an efficient and effective journey for Adam. While assisting him in enrolling for the Certificate III in Civil Construction, we also arranged driving lessons to help him achieve his goal of obtaining a driver's license.

The support didn't stop there. Our team worked closely with Adam to sort his goals into a clear pathway, ensuring that each step was aligned with his aspirations. We provided personalised guidance and connected him with the necessary resources. Through our collaboration, Adam gained clarity and direction, enabling him to pursue multiple goals simultaneously while staying focused and motivated.

We arranged a meeting with Training Alliance Group to provide Adam with the information he needed to make an informed decision about enrolling in the Certificate III course. After a successful meeting, Adam was enrolled and ready to embark on his educational journey. Simultaneously, we connected him with driving lessons to help him achieve his goal of obtaining a driver's license.

But our support extended beyond enrolment. We also assisted Adam with funding for necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and work boots, ensuring he had the tools he needed to succeed in his chosen field. Adam's gratitude for the support he received overflowed as he expressed his appreciation for helping him organise his goals and establish a clear pathway to success. He found solace in knowing that the Status Transition to Work team was by his side, guiding him through his journey.

Adam's gratitude for our guidance and support was overwhelming. After his first day of the course, he expressed heartfelt thanks and acknowledged the crucial role we played in helping him set achievable goals and establish a clear pathway to success.

Adam's positive experience led him to recommend our Transition to Work program to his brother, Zeyad. With the assistance of our dedicated Youth Peer Mentor, Sat, Zeyad also enrolled in the Certificate III in Civil Construction. We've already secured funding for his PPE, and we're even assisting him with his Change of Name certificate and Learner's Permit.

At Status, we're committed to empowering young individuals like Adam and Zeyad, providing personalised support to help them achieve their dreams. We understand the importance of a holistic approach, ensuring that goals are aligned and resources are accessible. Together, Adam and Zeyad are building bright futures, supporting and motivating each other every step of the way.

If you or someone you know is seeking guidance in starting a successful career, reach out to us today. Let us be your partner in unlocking your potential and achieving your dreams. Find your local Transition to Work office at

Congratulations Royden On 12 Weeks In Your New Job!

Uploaded: 24/08/2023
One of our first Workforce Australia – Transition to Work Participants Royden has just celebrated his three month employment milestone with his new employer. Accessing Transition to Work services at our Morley, WA office Royden hit the ground running and our Workforce Connect team quickly introduced him to a FIFO employer we thought would be a good fit for his skills and career goals.

Since commencing work Royden has been in regular contact with his Link Worker, Sosefina, who has assisted him in procuring personal protective equipment needed for his new role. Sosefina will continue to provide ongoing counselling and support, and we look forward to celebrating many more employment milestones in the future!

If you are aged 15 to 24 and would like some assistance getting your foot on the ladder, through training or employment, to kick start your career, check your eligibility for Transition to Work services at

How Fantastic Is This Artwork By Danielle?

Uploaded: 24/08/2023
Danielle, one of our Transition to Work participants at Midland, has been working with our Indigenous Mentor Gary to prepare for employment or further study and when she mentioned her artistic skill Gary asked if she would paint something to help liven up our office.

If you visit our Midland office make sure you stop to appreciate this wonderful piece of artwork we now have adorning our walls.