Indigenous Communities

Indigenous Action Plan

Status’ Indigenous Action Plan (IAP) is a key strategy of our commitment to the reconciliation journey within Australia and is about supporting our Indigenous communities to achieve social and economic independence.

We are dedicated to delivering quality services to all our job seekers, students and employers. We work collaboratively with all levels of government, employers, industries and community organisations.

Currently, we are working with Reconciliation Australia to ensure our IAP provides a framework for Status to work towards a Reconciliation Action Plan endorsed by Reconciliation Australia and is a practical plan of action built on relationships, respect and opportunities.

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Indigenous Partnerships

We have a partnership with Tauondi College to undertake support and mentoring services and accessing cultural awareness training for all of our staff. Status is also a financial member of Supply Nation, the leading directory of Indigenous businesses to contribute to building a prosperous Indigenous business sector, click here for the Supply Nation press release.

Indigenous Employment Policy

Status has in place an Indigenous Employment Policy. This forms part of our commitment to improving the quality of life, equality of opportunity and the fulfilment of the diverse aspirations of Indigenous Australians. We actively encourage and promote equal employment opportunities that are free of direct or indirect discrimination.

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