Foundation Skills Training

Skills for Education and Employment (SEE)

The Skills for Education and Employment Program is an Australian Government initiative designed to improve the language, literacy and numeracy skills of adult learners. Focusing on vocational pathways, the SEE program is individually tailored to provide the foundation skills necessary to function effectively in the workplace.

  • Teaching English as a second language
  • Improving reading and writing skills
  • Training aimed to future employment
  • Digital literacy

Eligible jobseekers can access free training at:

  • South Australia: Marion, Noarlunga and Adelaide CBD
  • Western Australia: Cannington, Rockingham, Fremantle and Mandurah

Eligibility is determined by Centrelink.

The Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

Foundation Skills for Your Future

The Foundation Skills for Your Future is an Australian Government Initiative designed to support eligible individuals to access fully funded training in language, literacy, numeracy and digital (LLND) literacy skills needs.

This training can be used to up-skill or re-skill your employees for new roles, to assist employees to gain digital literacy skills needed when implementing new digital systems or procedures, or as a starting point for further industry training.

Our training is flexible, and can be tailored to your needs. We are able to offer;

  • Identification of workplace LLND needs
  • A program designed specifically for your needs
  • Accredited and/or non-accredited units to improve the LLND skills of your workforce
  • Group training delivered in your workplace
  • Support to your employees throughout the training

Your employees will be eligible for Foundation Skills for Your Future training if they;

  • Are an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Are aged 15 and over
  • Have left secondary school education

For more information about Foundation Skills Training, please contact us.

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