Jobseeker Service Guarantee

At Status we believe paid employment is key to leading a satisfying and rewarding life and, as such, we have designed a fresh “Work Culture” Service Delivery model. Our model is work focused with a strong emphasis on understanding Australian Work Culture with three distinct phases based on your individual circumstances:

  1. Assessment and Career Planning;
  2. Get Work Phase; and
  3. Keep Work Phase

As part of our service we invite you to engage and actively participate with our Work Culture Compact. This is designed to assist participants in our service to gain an understanding of employer’s expectations. This will increase your workplace suitability and increase opportunities for sustainable employment.

We also offer our Work Culture Harmonising program to help you adjust to the expectations of the modern workplace when struggling with the requirements of the Work Culture Compact. You will work closely on a one-to-one basis with your Workplace Advisor who will:

  • Be matched to meet your individual circumstances
  • Conduct a strengths based assessment to identify what employment is suitable for you
  • Negotiate a Job Plan to assist you get back into the workforce, reviewed at every fortnightly appointment with us
  • Develop a work potential and work readiness profile within your first two appointments
  • Assist with resumes and cover letters

The services you can expect from Status are:

  • A dedicated Workplace Advisor enabling a more personalised service
  • Specialised Youth and Mature Aged Workplace Advisors
  • Access to our Employment Hotspot including free WIFI, beverages, computers for job search and staff assistance
  • Access to Status Connekt social media including; Job and industry information via Facebook, profiling on our Employee Hot Prospects website and our Status app which has a "chat" function where you can message your Workplace Advisor directly from a smartphone
  • A mobile phone with pre-loaded Status applications where participants are classified as requiring the highest level of service from the Department of Human Services and, don’t own a compatible smartphone
  • Access to our Work Culture Harmonising program which improves workplace suitability, attitude in the workplace, work culture, developing work routines and addressing non-vocational barriers
  • Personalised marketing by one of our experienced Business Development Consultants who will market you directly to employers on your behalf
  • Ensuring you are prepared for work through the provision of essential training, uniform or equipment requirements
  • Receipt of an Employment Commencement Package when you start work which includes tips and advice for addressing workplace issues and building career opportunities
  • Customised Post Placement Support that is tailored to the needs of you and your employer which may include; visits to your workplace, at our office, over the phone, email or via Status Connekt social media
  • Access to our dedicated in-house Work for the Dole Coordinator to assist with quality placements that are employment focussed
  • Access to our Dress for Success affiliate network

We are open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. We are keen to help you get back to work!